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We are a registered training office for SAICA and SAIPA.  We pride ourselves in the training that we provide.

We believe we are a well balanced firm who train the Chartered Accountants of tomorrow while still staying in touch with the fundamentals of life.

We continue to recruit graduates to train and qualify with us, our financial leaders of the future. We pride ourselves on our commitment to their training and development. Our trainee accountants who want to train in a professional environment are offered individual attention and personal development. We are always looking for new employees who are able to perform well in a team, have a high level of ambition and drive, who take pride in themselves and their work and most importantly, see the value in what they do.

We also encourage staff to sign up for post-graduate courses.  Our office past the PEER review conducted by IRBA. This serves as testimony to our high technical standards.

At CJ van Zyl Chartered Accountants I was given the opportunity to grow in more than just academics. As a mentor Casper takes the time to teach each individual the necessary skills in business and management that is essential to one day be leaders in our industry. We are also taught how to deal with clients and are given the opportunity to develop useful skills to resolve a wide variety of problems. These particular reasons are why I rate our firm one of the best.

Raymond Strampe

Trainee Accountant, CJ van Zyl Chartered Accountants (SA)

Working at CJ van Zyl Chartered Accountants (SA) has truly been educational and incomparably valuable. The atmosphere created by management is a professional, learning and fun environment. At CJ van Zyl Chartered Accounts (SA) management strives to teach trainee accountants with passion and respect for the auditing profession. Integrity and business ethics reflects from management in a manner that creates a humble and honourable work place. My time spent at CJ van Zyl Chartered Accountants (SA) I can only describe as, perfect.

Jannus Potgieter

Trainee Accountant, CJ van Zyl Chartered Accountants (SA)

I received a remarkable opportunity to learn a wide spectrum of skills with regards to the taxation world. I was afforded the chance to learn on the job and at the same time be guided by my seniors with their wide knowledge base with regards to taxation, among other subjects. There is always time for any question, as all our senior management has an open-door policy on all fronts of work and life. When times are difficult and deadlines need to be met, we work together as a team and spread the weight. I consider myself lucky, as no one else would give me the same opportunity as the one I received at CJ van Zyl CA (SA). Taxation in practice can be a demanding department in any organisation, but when you have the support of your leaders anything is possible.

Elisma Erlank

Trainee Accountant, CJ van Zyl Chartered Accountants (SA)

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Dis ‘n besonderse voorreg om my klerkskap by CJ van Zyl CA(SA) te kan doen. Vandat ek hier begin werk het, het ek soveel meer geleer as in my vier jaar se voltydse studies by die universiteit. Hier leer jy om as ‘n span saam te werk en om mekaar by te staan, wanneer ons onder erge tyds druk is. Ek beveel enige persoon wat hardwerkend en ‘n passie vir die lewe het om hulle klerkskap hier te kom voltooi.

Rozanne de Vos

Trainee Accountant, CJ van Zyl Chartered Accountants (SA)

I am working here now for 3 years and have not been happier. CJ van Zyl Chartered Accountants has a warm, hardworking atmosphere where I can grow into a professional Chartered Accountant. This firm gives me a diverse experience and I truly enjoy what I do.

Gerdus Potgieter

Trainee Accountant, CJ van Zyl Chartered Accountants (SA)